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The University of Kentucky Community Innovation Partner (CIP), CivicLex hosted a Pumpkins, Policy, and Paint Brushes Workshop, on Wednesday, October 11th, at the Cornerstone. The event brought together students, faculty, community members and local leaders with the aim of fostering civic engagement and strengthening ties between the local community and its leaders.

The workshop was a blend of fall crafts and civic discourse, offering attendees a chance to engage in open conversations with local leaders and councilmembers. This innovative approach to community engagement aimed to bring civic education to both students and community members.

The event not only encouraged artistic expression but also empowered attendees to voice their concerns and ideas about policy matters that directly impact their lives. By involving councilmembers and local leaders in these discussions, the workshop provided an opportunity for direct, two-way communication.

"Creative activities get people out of their comfort zones. They are great at leveling hierarchies in groups where some participants may have more knowledge about a specific topic than others, which is often the dynamic in most city meetings." Megan Gulla, CivicLex Director of Programs, said. "We believe that there’s a lot of room for the arts and creativity in our civic processes and we’re excited to bring these opportunities to the Cornerstone space at UK!"

For more information about the University of Kentucky Community Innovation Partner, CivicLex, click here