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CivicLex, the University of Kentucky Community Innovation Partner (CIP), recently organized a workshop focused on the significance of parks and green spaces in urban development. The event provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Lexington’s historical context, present-day tools for change, and avenues for increased resident involvement in park planning.

The workshop covered several key topics, including the importance of parks and green spaces, park accessibility and availability, zoning regulations, and green space equity.

“Workshops where residents and local government employees and representatives can meet together and learn from each other about important topics in local government have always been a big part of CivicLex’s work,” Megan Gulla, CivicLex Director of Programs, said. “We want to continue this format in the CIP program to connect UK students with the greater Lexington community to inform them of and empower them to get involved in the decision-making processes that affect their lives.” Students from the Martin School of Public Policy, city leaders, UK staff and faculty, as well as community members, were all in attendance.

Attendees also learned about The Park Equity Accelerator — a project led by Lexington’s Divisions of Parks and Recreation and Planning, CivicLex, and Seedleaf.

“Our goal is to identify and address barriers to park and green space access and to get more residents involved in the planning and decision-making processes for these spaces,” Gulla said.

As a part of the project, CivicLex and the project partners are offering a funding opportunity that any Lexington resident — including students — can apply for. Up to $1000 per application is available for park projects related to park or green space access, equity, belonging, and/or advocacy. The application window is open until September 22nd.

Read more about the funding opportunity and apply here