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The Cornerstone building serves as the gateway to an emerging innovation district that will further connect the university with the city of Lexington. It is designed to foster a wide range of idea-sharing, event-hosting and programmatic opportunities around the concepts of innovation, creativity, technology, entrepreneurship and equitable economic development.

As a way to elevate the role of community partners and nonprofits in this innovation ecosystem, The Cornerstone seeks to establish a formal partnership with a different community organization for each academic year. 


Community Innovation Partner CivicLex hosts park workshop

CivicLex, the University of Kentucky Community Innovation Partner (CIP), recently organized a workshop focused on the significance of parks and green spaces in urban development. The event provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Lexington’s historical context, present-day tools for change, and avenues for increased resident involvement in park planning. The workshop covered several key topics, including the importance of parks and green spaces, park accessibility and availability, zoning regulations, and green space equity.

UK announces CivicLex as 2023-24 Cornerstone Community Innovation Partner

The University of Kentucky is thrilled to unveil its selected Cornerstone Community Innovation Partner (CIP) for the upcoming 2023-24 academic year. This year’s partner is CivicLex, who will have an ongoing presence at The Cornerstone to increase community engagement with students, staff and faculty. This 12-month long partnership is intended to help foster The Cornerstone’s vision of innovation and entrepreneurship through building connection between the community and the university.

UK Community Innovation Partner FoodChain works to Build Food Equity in Lexington Community

The word “farm” evokes several images including rows of crops sitting underneath beaming sunshine, scarecrows, and cows scattered about. Likely, it doesn’t make one imagine an old and urban bread factory next to a brewery. But for Cornerstone Community Innovation Partner, FoodChain, this is the potential of agriculture, in fact, this has become a reality for the 40508-zip code.